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Sing at Work

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A preview image of Sing at Work
A preview image of Sing at Work

The project

'Sing at Work' is a new business offering bespoke, one to one singing lessons for organisations, business professionals and individuals looking to enhance their health and wellbeing. It was founded by two Irish Opera singers, Ross Scanlon and Linsey Dempsey, who through their years of performing and teaching began to see the potential in using singing to inspire motivation in day to day work life and business.

With an existing site that was too corporate for their needs, I was hired by design agency Eyesparks to work on Sing at Work's new look. The agency's vision for the site was a playful look and feel that should use illustrations and bright colours to communicate a light-heartedness and sense of humour. After seeing the brand the company was using, I felt it needed to be updated to better represent what they do, and the attitude of both the company and the people behind it - friendly, fun and approachable.

With the new brand in place, I then went on to design a promotional site which outlined the company's aims and approach. Using illustrations sourced from Freepik and working in tandem with consultant Catherine Jordan, we put together an informational site which clearly and concisely communicates how Sing at Work functions and hopefully comes across as a lively and fresh new company.


  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Graphics sourcing and customisation

Here's what they thought

"Grace was able to grasp what we wanted and have a really clear understanding of our brand despite dealing with us remotely"

Ross & Linsey, Owners

"Sing at Work worked with Grace via Eyesparks to create a website for our new company. The end result was of an extremely high standard and we received fantastic feedback from our clients we work with. The site is easy to use and has some brilliant graphics that really capture the essence of our company.

"One of the most impressive aspects about the process is Grace was able to grasp what we wanted and have a really clear understanding of our brand despite dealing with us remotely. We wish her luck in all her future endeavours!"

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